Sell your inventory liquidations, surplus, overstocks, business,or other distressed assets to us at Newport Trading.

At Newport Trading, we specialize in the acquisition of a wide array of distressed assets, offering fair and competitive prices to aid your financial recovery or business restructuring process. We purchase closeouts, providing an avenue for businesses to liquidate end-of-line, discontinued, or overstocked products swiftly and efficiently. Our interest extends to consumer electronics, where we deal with everything from laptops, smartphones, tablets, to other tech gadgets. We also handle general merchandise, encompassing a broad range of goods from various sectors, including home goods, clothing, toys, and more. If you are looking to sell your business or specific business assets, we can facilitate a seamless and profitable transition, ensuring the maximum value is derived. Trust Newport Trading with your distressed assets for a streamlined, beneficial, and fuss-free transaction.

Liquidations can be a crucial step in your business journey, and Newport Trading is here to ensure that you’re not walking that path alone. Our comprehensive liquidation services aim to turn this challenging situation into an opportunity for growth, recovery, or a new beginning.

If you are thinking about liquidating, then please fill out the contact form below, along with some of the answers below:

  1. What is the description of the inventory that you are looking to sell.
  2. How many pieces or units are there? Approximation is OK also.
  3. What is the case case pack, and how many per pallet?
  4. Do you have model numbers or UPC codes on the products?
  5. What city is the inventory located in?
  6. What is the reason that you are selling?
  7. Do you have a target price?
  8. Do you have a timeframe or a deadline?

If you don’t know some of these answers, then only include what information that you do know about.

Also if you have any pictures of the inventory that you would like to sell, please send them to:

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